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Story Contributors: Allan Terhune, Eric Doyle


2020 Masters Champion Matt Fisher Shares His Z-Max Tuning Tips

Informative webinar with 2020 MC Scow Masters Champion Matt Fisher and North Sails One Design experts Allan Terhune and Eric Doyle. Matt talks about his dominant win at the Masters in Iowa using the North Sails Z-MAX mainsail. He shares his experiences of his 12 year journey in the MC Scow Class, from his challenges as a class novice to becoming the 2020 Masters Champion.

“The North Z–Max mainsail is the only sail I have used since I have been sailing MCs. The Z-Max is easy to use, I follow the North Sails tuning guide and if I have any issues, it’s because I am over trimming.” – Matt Fisher


North Sails is the only manufacturer of the Z-Max mainsail that has won the 2019, 2017, 2016, 2105 and 2014 MC Scow Nationals.
It’s the exact same design that you have been winning with, that you know and you want. This proven design is only available from North Sails.


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Matt & Lisa winners of the 2020 MC Scow Masters powered by the North Sails Z-Max. 📸 Regatta Girl

Story Contributors

Let’s Talk MC Scow | Masters Debrief With Matt Fisher headshot
Allan Terhune

Sail Expert — Annapolis, Maryland

Allan Terhune, Jr., has won eleven North American Championships (in the Lightning, Flying Scot and Thistle Classes) and was crowned the 2013 J/22 World Champion. Allan is also a class expert in the Etchells, J/70, J/80, J/88, J/105, J/111 with...

Let’s Talk MC Scow | Masters Debrief With Matt Fisher headshot
Eric Doyle

One Design Expert — San Diego, California

Eric was raised in Pass Christian along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where he learned at a ripe young that he was hooked on sailing. After attending Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, he was scooped up by Hall of Famer...